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    August 08, 2008


    Supra Skytop

    I feel so exciting after reading your blog. Perfect! More reading more clever. Thank you very much. If you work more hard, you maybe do more achievement.


    I know this comment is 2 years late. But you really did a good job on your article. Leadership is responsibility. Excellent writer!

    Nike Shox CL

    I have been deeply appealing by your excellent blog. Thank you for sharing this articles and It reminds me a lot of things that are worth to do.


    You hit upon something I have been thinking about alot lately - building community. I am feeling that starting to happen on my blog - and it has taken work to get there. But it's also what I have found that I crave - and what makes blogging worthwhile for me. At first I had thoughts of this being a money-making proposition. Now, I see it as a way to build community with like-minded individuals. If there comes a point where this is profitable, great. If not, that's great also. It is really becoming an awakening for me just to write and converse with those who visit.

    John Lawlor

    Stephanie -- good post.

    A week ago I asked the question below on LinkedIn and was amused when several people were so vocal about this being JUST a book selling scheme.

    As an early member of Triiibes I can say without reservation that my participation in Triiibes has been the most productive social media experience that I have had -- bar none.

    "Are you a member of Seth Godin's - a social network?

    Earlier this week Seth Godin opened up membership in, a new social network, and instantly filled the available memberships.

    If you are already a member of I'd like to know why you joined and what business benefit or advantage that you think it will have.

    If you are not a member yet -- Seth just opened up the next round of memberships at"

    Stephanie Diamond

    Keith, check out Seth's blog. One of his recent posts talks about how to get invited.

    keith bohanna

    hiya Stephanie

    picked up this via your RSS feed. Any chance of an invite to this? I am a co-founder of, a startup aimed at guitar collectors and passionists and this would be a great opportunity to learn as part of that.


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