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    July 25, 2006


    Daniel Mcgonagle

    It isn't that hard if you actually know how to. You must obtain a good list of article submission sites with high PR for starters. And you're right about that part, outsource, have someone else do the work for you. :)

    Submit Article

    Hi Stephanie

    You've got some great tips here.

    I've also found you can recycle press releases as articles (and vice versa) without too much rewriting.

    The more you can reuse content in this way with some minor rewriting, the better.


    Michael Stelzner

    Hi Stephanie;

    Your comment about turning white papers into articles is a compelling one. It is one of the big value propositions I talk about with clients when discussing white papers. The fact that much of the self promotional elements common in a white paper can be stripped out and the content can be contributed to a trade publication as a contributed article.


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